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Anonymous Browsing: Cleaning the Tracks Left Behind on the Internet

It is no secret that every time a person goes online and uses the internet, he or she leaves traces of his or her personal information behind. Browsing and sifting through the myriad of websites and web pages on the internet is very similar to walking on snow, because there will surely be tracks that will be left behind after a person has used the internet, tracks that other people can use as a trail to follow them.

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Hackers are just some of these people who take advantage of the information about other people, while there are also criminals who are on the prowl on the internet and are looking for potential victims of cyber crimes such as identity theft and scams. Even the government including its agencies such as the FBI will be able to monitor the activities of people while they are browsing the internet, which is why many people choose to remain anonymous and unknown to other people when they are browsing the internet.

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However, the fact remains that privacy is always sacrificed to a certain extent whenever a person tries to access the internet makes it difficult for a person to continually remain anonymous while using the internet. But fortunately, there are also some very practical and easy ways that people can use for them to be able to maintain their privacy and successfully employ anonymous browsing while on the internet. The first thing that people will be able to use if they wish to remain anonymous while using the internet is the firewalls as well as proxy servers which can stop other people from viewing their activities when surfing the internet.

Another way of keeping anonymity while browsing the internet is to utilize the features of the web browser that is being used, especially their privacy settings, and there are several ways that web browsers will keep the privacy and anonymity of the people who are using them. Clearing the browsing history and the cache of the computer of mobile device that is being used is one way to do this, and this is helpful if other people also have access to that particular computer or mobile device.

People must keep in mind that every web browser that they can use to conduct anonymous browsing on the internet is unique, and there are several ways to browse anonymously on the internet using these web browsers. Google Chrome is well-known for its feature on its browser called the Incognito window, where users do not anymore have to worry about deleting the browsing history after using the browser, because they literally do not leave any tracks while they are browsing as the window does not record anything.

And finally, yet another way of maintaining anonymity while browsing the internet is to download and install software programs that specifically do this job and make sure that a person’s identity is not compromised while he or she is using the internet. Configuring these software programs with a person’s computer might be a bit of a challenge, but there is the assurance of privacy and anonymity once this method is used.

There are truly many ways of doing anonymous browsing while on the internet, and each of these aforementioned methods will make sure that a person’s anonymity is maintained and that his or her tracks will never be found by other people.  

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